As an honest employer, you expect your staff to conduct themselves in the same manner, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Companies lose an average of $1,233.77 from each case of employee dishonesty, according to the 2016 National Retail Security Survey, conducted by the National Retail Federation.

Being the boss keeps you very busy, but don’t allow it to cloud your judgement. Protect your business by remaining vigilant to ensure each person on your team comes to work every day for the right reasons. It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch, so don’t allow this to happen on your watch.

Signs Your Employees Might Be Stealing From You

None of these indicators alone should be taken as a confirmation of employee theft, but if you start to notice several, you might have a problem on your hands.

Inexplicable Surge in Motivation

At first glance, you’re probably excited when a typically lazy employee starts coming in early, staying late and volunteering for extra work. While this certainly doesn’t mean the person is stealing from you, it could be an indicator. More alone time in the office could give the person just enough time to scam you and the additional work they’re undertaking might just be a savvy cover-up.

Refusal to Use Vacation Days

Even top employees look forward to cashing in their PTO days for some free time away from the office. If a certain staffer never takes time off, despite your insistence, they may have something to hide. Being away from work would take them away from their illegal activities and might make it easy for a replacement to see what they’re up to.

Strangely Close Relationships With Suppliers

Your procurement team is paid to work with vendors, but that doesn’t mean they need to be best buddies. If you notice a staffer frequently having lunches and dinners with a supplier, consider this a red flag. Also, if any employees are related to, friends with or romantically involved with suppliers, keep a close watch to make sure they aren’t receiving special perks.

Increase in Missing Items

Maintaining order in a busy office can be a challenge. Things sometimes go missing and that certainly doesn’t mean your employees are pocketing them. However, if you suddenly notice unexplained petty cash withdrawals, missing office supplies and other items that seem to be walking away, you’re probably not imagining it.

Steadfast Insistence to Work Alone

Some people simply prefer solo work, which certainly doesn’t make them a thief. However, if any employees appear desperate to avoid working with others, you should be suspicious. There’s a chance the person actually needs to work alone, so others don’t catch on to the shady business they’re conducting from their computer.

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