Let’s face it — your team could be a little healthier. Whether people have allowed their gym membership to lapse or need a little help improving their diet, making these changes is always easier as part of a group.

Not only do you care about your team, healthy employees are happier and more energetic, so helping everyone shape up will also benefit your organization. Watch insurance premiums and levels of absenteeism decline when your employees feel like their best possible selves.

Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the top job agencies in Chicago — shares this advice to help you find the right activities to engage and inspire your team.

Wellness Initiatives That Will Bring Your Team Closer

Offer Onsite Fitness Classes

Make exercise fun and easy by transforming your conference room into a lunchtime — or after-work — fitness studio. Offer yoga, Zumba or any other type of class that can easily work in your space. This is a great way for employees to bond and have fun in a more relaxed setting. People will motivate one another to attend class and enjoy tracking their progress together.

Start a Company Softball Team

Give team spirit a whole new meaning by signing your staff up for an intramural league. The sport itself doesn’t matter too much, as long as people are excited about it and it allows them to work up a sweat. Of course, games will take place during evening and weekend hours, so this idea is probably best for a younger staff, where most people aren’t busy with family obligations.

Join Forces in a Fitness Challenge

The options for getting your team involved in a fitness challenge are nearly endless. Employees can be divided into teams for an intra-office match or everyone can work toward a shared goal. For a friendly competition, you could initiate a weight loss challenge, where groups of employees work together to lose the most combined weight. If you’d rather everyone work together, consider having staffers sign up for a 5k fundraiser to raise money for a charity selected by the team.

Healthy Lunchtime Potlucks

Always an office favorite, potlucks are a fun way for employees to show off their cooking skills and enjoy a delicious lunch. Make this a monthly occurrence — but add a twist that all dishes must be healthy. In addition to the social aspect, this will help many employees with not-so-healthy diets make some adjustments for the better. People can try new dishes and swap recipes that please both the palette and the waistline.

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