The importance of providing workers with a safe space to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation cannot be emphasized enough. Unfortunately, many companies do not have programs in place to support this need.

In January 2017, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) issued recommended practices for anti-retaliation programs, to help employers create an effective approach. Applicable to all public and private sector employees safeguarded under the 22 whistleblower protection laws enforced by OSHA, the recommendations are designed to be tailored to individual workforces.

Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the top Chicago employment agencies — wants to make sure you have an effective anti-retaliation program in place. While there’s no legal obligation to follow the new OSHA recommendations, doing so is best for everyone. Nothing is more important than providing your team with a safe and healthy work environment.

Five Recommended Practices for Anti-Retaliation Programs

  1. Management leadership, commitment and accountability
  2. System for listening to and resolving employees’ safety and compliance concerns
  3. System for receiving and responding to reports of retaliation
  4. Anti-retaliation training for employees and managers
  5. Program oversight

About the OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program

Employees deserve a safe and healthy space to work. Retaliating against those who report various health and safety concerns is illegal, so don’t even think about taking this route.

As noted above, the OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program consists of 22 federal statutes designed to protect those who speak out. Some of these activities may include filing a report with OSHA or another government agency about a possible violation, cooperating with law enforcement or refusing to complete an illegal task.

Some employers view anti-retaliation programs in a negative manner, but they’re actually great for business. Providing workers with a platform to speak freely about health and safety concerns can help you address issues quickly, before they snowball into something larger. In addition to helping you avoid a public relations nightmare, it also boosts employee satisfaction and creates a positive company culture. Your employees are your greatest asset, so do everything possible to make them feel safe and valued at work.

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