Being left in the dark isn’t fun, but your lack of transparency is doing just that to your employees. People become resentful when they never quite know where they stand. Putting up a barrier between yourself and your employees makes it seem like you don’t trust them and sets the tone for a closed-off work environment.

Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the top job agencies in Chicago — firmly believes transparency makes a team stronger. It’s much easier to work together when people are open and honest with one another. Find out how to unite your staff by building a culture of transparency.

Four Ways to Be More Transparent With Your Team

Keep Them in the Loop

When news happens at your company, your employees should be the first to know. Updates of a celebratory nature are fun to share, while others containing not-so-great information are more difficult to relay, but just as pertinent. When people hear news about your company from an external source first, they feel like you don’t value or trust them. Sharing information immediately resolves this and stops gossip from spreading.

Share the Rationale Behind Your Decisions

Telling employees to do something because you said so and you’re the boss does nothing to strengthen the bond of your team. When you make a decision that impacts others, it’s only right to explain your thought process. This makes people feel included and allows them to better understand your strategy. It’s easier to accomplish shared goals when everyone is on the same page.

Encourage Honest Feedback

Your employees are bright people with a lot to offer, so take advantage of this by asking them for input. Make people feel comfortable providing open and honest feedback. Sometimes the truth stings a bit, but when opinions are delivered respectfully, they’re incredibly beneficial. If you set the tone for constructive criticism, you’ll start a trend throughout the company where employees feel at ease giving and receiving polite critiques.

Hire the Right People

The desire to safeguard information from a team you don’t trust makes perfect sense. Choose new hires that are both a skill and cultural fit, so you have confidence in their work and ability to remain loyal to your company. You’ll feel much more at ease when you’re staffed with people you know you can count on.

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