Finding the best person for the job is never easy, so it’s always a relief when the right candidate finally walks through the door. You’re excited about this person, and they seem equally enthralled at the possibility of joining your team, making it baffling when they turn down your job offer.

At first glance, you’re right to be pretty perplexed, but if you dig a little deeper, the real reason is probably right in front of you. Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the top engineering recruiters in Chicago — explains three reasons you’re losing out to the competition.

Painfully Slow Hiring Process

The average hiring process takes 23 days, according to Glassdoor. If yours notably exceeds this number, it’s time to speed things up. Top applicants are in demand, so if you want the best, you have to extend an offer before they’ve already signed on with your competitors.

Assuming a talented candidate will wait to hear from your company before making a move is naïve. Just as you’re considering multiple applicants for the job, they’re going on interviews with several other companies. Passive candidates might be willing to wait a bit longer, but those out of work or very eager to get away from their current situation will jump at the first attractive offer.

Lowball Compensation Package

Top applicants know their value, and if you’re not willing to pay up, your competitors will be happy to oblige. Consult Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data to make sure your salary offer is at least industry average. Of course, money isn’t everything, so also review extras like paid time off, health insurance and 401(k) match to make sure it’s comparable to benefits offered by other area employers.

Poor Introduction to Company Culture

A well-written job application can entice candidates to your company, but keep the momentum going by showing them what it’s like to be part of the team. Savvy professionals are aware that poor cultural fit is one of the top reasons new employees fail, so to accept the job, they need to feel confident they’re a match for your organization.

In addition to using your social media sites to showcase your culture, offer a taste of it during the interview process. Give them a tour of the office, introduce them to the team and take them out for a group lunch to get acquainted. This will allow them to get a glimpse of their future with your company, all but ensuring they’ll choose you team over someone else’s.

Premium Staffing, Inc. wants to make sure your top-choice candidate never goes to your competitor again. We know how hard it is to fill a high-level manufacturing or engineering position, so we’re here to help you find and secure the right fit. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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