Success doesn’t come easy, so you expect your employees to work hard. However, there’s a fine line between pushing your team to do their best and downright overworking them. Every company has busy periods, but nothing good comes from too much of the latter.

Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the top engineering staffing agencies in Chicago — wants to make sure you’re not placing unrealistic expectations on your team. They’re not robots, so there’s only so much work they can do before achieving burnout.

Avoid this by learning the signs of exhausted employees, so you can pull back if your team starts to exhibit these telling behaviors.

Four Signs Your Team is Overworked

People Keep Getting Sick

Constantly working overtime will drive your employees to exhaustion. Stress takes a major toll on the body. When work consumes their life, people don’t have to exercise, eat healthy or get enough sleep. If your previously healthy staffers are constantly out sick, this is a side effect of being maxed out.

Creativity isn’t Happening

Once upon a time, your staff thrived on innovation. They took pride in coming up with boundary-pushing ideas that made your company stand out from competitors. However, the energy is gone. These days, people seem content recycling old concepts, because it’s hard to get inspired when you’re trying to plow through a mountain of work.

Employees Aren’t Getting Along

Simply put, stress makes people irritable. In the past, your team genuinely enjoyed one another’s company, but these days they fight constantly. Group lunches and happy hours are no more, as people don’t care to spend time together out of the office. Not only does this make for an unpleasant work environment, it also impacts the quality of group projects, because no one wants to collaborate.

Careless Errors Are on the Rise

When people are overextended, their work gets sloppy. Sure, your employees might technically be accomplishing more than ever, but this doesn’t mean much if it’s laden with errors. It takes time to do quality work, and people need to be relaxed and refreshed to put their best effort forward. Constantly having to go back to correct needless mistakes takes much more time than taking it slow and getting it right the first time.

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