If you’re like most people, you probably don’t put much thought into your next job until you’re ready to exit your existing one. While a common strategy, this typically isn’t the most effective approach, because timing is everything in a job search. The right opportunity might come along when you’re gainfully employed, so you have to keep your options open.

Networking events like Chicago job fairs can help get your name out there, but don’t limit yourself to these avenues. With a commitment of just 10 minutes per day, savvy social networking will raise your profile to heights you never imagined.

4 Ways to Network on Social Media

Engage With the Right People

Search for hiring managers and recruiters on LinkedIn, and use InMail to introduce yourself. Provide a brief overview of your skillset, and the type of job you’re interested in taking on next. Ask if you can pass your resume along, so if an opportunity opens up that you might be a good fit for, they will know who to call.

Join the Conversation

People are talking about your field on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so become part of the dialogue. Join a LinkedIn group and respond to conversations in progress or start your own. Follow brands you admire on Facebook and Twitter and leave kind, professional, well-thought comments on their posts to get on their radar.

Share Interesting Content

Become an industry influencer in your own right by dedicating one or two of your social networks to strictly professional posts. Share relevant content regularly — daily if possible — and include your thoughts on the matter to spark a conversation. In time, people will view you as an authority figure, which will increase your chances of being noticed by someone who can offer a up a career-boosting opportunity.

Follow Your Peers

Expand your network by digitally connecting with others working in your industry. Send LinkedIn invitations to people working at companies you’re interested in or with jobs you aspire to hold someday. Include an introduction explaining why you’d like to connect. If they’re located in your city, request an informational interview to learn more about their job. Either way, actively engage them by commenting on their posts and sharing content you find especially interesting.

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Premium Staffing is a Chicago-area recruiting and staffing firm that specializes in heavy industrial, engineering and highly skilled manufacturing placement. Serving the Chicagoland area, and nationwide, since 2006, PSI works with talented professionals in engineering and manufacturing.

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