If a resume comes across your desk that seems to good to be true, that could actually be the case. A 2014 CareerBuilder survey revealed that 58% of hiring managers have caught a lie on a resume — and 33% reported seeing a post-recession increase in elaborations.

Lies were caught in seven different categories, including — embellished skill set (57%), embellished responsibilities (55%), dates of employment (42%), job title (34%), academic degree (33%), companies worked for (26%) and accolades/awards (18%).

4 Savvy Ways to Spot Resume Lies

Need a little help catching a liar in the act? Uncover the truth by putting these four tips to work:

Do a Social Media Search

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it much easier to catch a liar in the act. Most people have a profile on several social media platforms, so you can cross-check them to see if the details add up. For example, if a person lists an Ivy League grad school on their resume, but it’s not mentioned on their otherwise up-to-date LinkedIn profile, they probably didn’t actually go there.

Give a Skills Test

The best way to see if a person has the skills they’re touting is to test them on it. Make part of your interview process an in-office test that candidates must pass to make it to the next round. When they’re sitting right in front of you, they can’t phone a friend or consult Google for assistance.

Bring Them in for Multiple Interviews

It definitely takes more time to interview people two or three times for a position, but the extra effort is well worth it. When you meet someone for the first time, it can be difficult to distinguish the telling signs of a liar — avoiding direct eye contact, rambling, shuffling their feet, etc. — from standard nervousness. Not only should they calm down after meeting you a couple of times, this also gives you the chance to bring other colleagues into the interview, who can offer their opinion.

Conduct a Background Check

Background checks can be pricey, but this added expense is worth the cost of helping you avoid hiring a liar. Different companies offer a variety of services, including everything from employment verification to drug testing, so you can decide exactly how deep you want to dig.

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