Engineer Your Next Great Hire

Post a high-level manufacturing or engineering job and you could be inundated with resumes from unqualified candidates. You could have trouble generating interest at all. Or you could miss out on the perfect candidate, simply because he’s currently employed.

Premium Staffing can help you engineer a more successful search.

We ARE engineers

And manufacturing is our specialty. Need help on a lean implementation? Building a process improvement team or updating product design? Relax.  We speak your language.

Fit and finish

Perfect fit is as important to hiring as it is to engineering. That’s why we present you with only the best fit highly skilled professionals for you to choose from.

How does PSI get the job done?

Fast service. Cost-effective hiring.

  • You get highly qualified candidates—we do the legwork.
  • We stay ahead of the curve with the latest in sourcing and communication technology to provide you with responsive, accurate placement.
  • Rely on PSI to be the recruiting arm of your HR department.
  • You pay nothing until you hire a candidate we recommend.

Every day you spend recruiting costs you money. We’ve engineered our company to fill your positions fast and efficiently.

Start your no-risk talent search at PSI today.