If you haven’t been enjoying the same level of satisfaction from your job that you once did, it may be time to branch out into a new field. The thought of starting fresh in a new job is both exciting and terrifying, as you’ve spent years working hard to get where you are today.

Changing careers can be a great move, but it’s certainly not a decision that should be taken lightly, as the choice you make will hugely impact your life. Take the time to really think it over before deciding whether or not you truly want to take your professional life in a new direction.

Critical Steps to Take Before Making a Career Change

Don’t make any rash decisions — like quitting your job — until you’ve taken these four steps:

Decide Why You Want to Start Something New

You already know you’re bored with your current job, but you need to dig a little deeper to learn exactly what it is that’s leaving you unfulfilled. If you skip this step, you risk finding yourself in the same spot later on down the road.

Assess Your Transferrable Skills

Take inventory of your transferrable skills to see what you can leverage to launch your new career. Don’t be surprised if you’re more prepared to begin your this endeavor than you realized. As an established professional, you’re already at an advantage, because you don’t have to completely start over.

Create an Action Plan

You already know which skills you can shift to your new career path, so now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to acquire those you’re lacking. This may involve going back to school, getting an internship or doing volunteer work in a role similar to one you’d like to move into.

Network with the Right People

Tap your existing network to see if you have any connections who can help you get started. It’s also a great idea to join relevant professional associations and attend networking events to get your name out there and further expand your contact list. Request informational interviews with professionals holding your ideal job to learn more about it and form valuable new relationships.

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