If you want to be considered for the best city of Chicago jobs, you need an outstanding resume. Writing outstanding bullet points is key because hiring managers typically only have time to quickly scan each document.

These little snippets of content need to sell your fit for the job, so every word counts. Learn how to craft and artfully arrange bullet points that land you an interview.

Four Tips to Write Effective Bullet Points on Your Resume

Tailor the Content

Every job you apply to is unique, so it doesn’t make sense to use the exact same bullet points for each opportunity. Captivate the reader by carefully reading the job description, then writing bullet points that emphasize your fit. If you don’t take this route, you’ll be passed up by candidates who took the time to tailor their resume, thus appearing as a better choice.

Highlight Your Expertise

Using bullet points to simply list skills doesn’t highlight the depth of your experience. Take this opportunity to briefly share how you do your job. This allows the hiring manager to get a better idea of your capabilities, so they can visualize you in the position. An ability to clearly articulate your process really showcases the depth of your talent, which will make a great impression.

Focus on Results

Numbers don’t lie, so quantify every achievement possible. For example, instead of saying you developed a process that allows the company to save money, specifically, state that this process saves the company $150,000 per year. This really drives your value home, because it leaves no room for interpretation.

Less is More

You’re a seasoned professional with a lot of information to share on your resume, but there’s such as thing as providing too much detail. It’s best to include approximately five bullet points for each job listed, because no one is going to read a three-page resume. It might be challenging to pair it down, but this will also help your case by focusing only on your skills and experience most relevant to the job.

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