Effectively your home away from home, you spend most of the day at your workspace. Consequently, you need this to be a place where you can feel inspired.

As top engineering recruiters in Chicago, Premium Staffing, Inc. understands a productive workspace means something a little different to everyone, but they tend to share the same basic elements. If you aren’t accomplishing as much as you’d like each day, here are a few ways to give your work area a much-needed overhaul.

Five Ways to Create a Productive Workspace

Surround Yourself With Motivational Objects

Energize your work area by filling it with items that stimulate your mind. This could be framed diplomas, pictures of your family, or a copy of your company’s mission statement — anything that inspires you. When you’re feeling sluggish, you can look around your space and get motivated by these little reminders.

Eliminate Clutter

It’s hard to get much accomplished when you can’t find anything on your desk. If you’re constantly surrounded by stacks of papers, gadgets and various other unnecessary items, you probably don’t have much room to work. Clear your schedule for an hour — or the entire afternoon, if you’re really in deep — and tidy up your workspace.

Combat the Cold

Offices are notorious for being cold on a year-round basis. It’s impossible to concentrate on work when you’re shivering uncomfortably at your desk. Put a stop to this by bringing in a dedicated sweater work sweater, keeping a pair of fingerless gloves in your desk drawer, and buying a space heater — if your company allows it.

Make it Easy to Adjust

No two days at work are the same for you, so you need a space that can adapt to your changing needs. Boost productivity by making your office furniture easy to move around, keeping your desk as clear as possible, and taking control of the lighting by purchasing a lamp or two. This will allow you to work with ease, no matter what the situation.

Incorporate Plants

Adding a touch of greenery to your workspace can enhance air quality and your mood. Since it will be living in an office space, choose a low-maintenance variety that won’t require a ton of water or sunlight. This will breathe fresh life into your work area, filling you with energy and making you feel more enthused.

If you need to find high-level manufacturing or engineering candidates, Premium Staffing, Inc. is here to assist. As engineers ourselves, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect fit every time. Get in touch today to start your search!

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