One of the benefits of manufacturing jobs is the ability to do fulfilling work. Watching your efforts come to fruition can occasionally result in overtime, but this shouldn’t be the standard. In fact, many engineering jobs actually offer flexible work arrangements, allowing employees to strike a healthy work-life balance.

If lately, your life has felt like all work and no play, this is a problem. Too much time spent on the job can take a major toll on your mental and physical health. Here are a few indicators that your work is consuming too much of your life.

5 Signs You Don’t Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance

You’re On Call 24/7

The average person works approximately eight hours per day. If you typically come into the office early, stay late and remain plugged in during your off-hours, this isn’t normal. You need your evening and weekend hours to relax and recharge. If you’re not getting this, you’re on the path to burnout.

You Never Take Time Off

Despite having a fair amount of paid time off, you don’t remember the last time you actually used this benefit. Vacation requests are either rejected by your boss or you don’t even bother, because you know they won’t be granted. You’ve also made a habit of coming into the office sick because that’s what’s expected.

You Have No Personal Life

It’s hard to maintain relationships when you work all the time. Therefore, you rarely have nights out with friends or a significant other. After canceling plans due to work one too many times, you finally gave up trying to schedule anything in advance.

Work is No Longer Meaningful

Your job used to be fulfilling, but now each day just feels like going through the motions. The amount of work on your desk is always so overwhelming, you just have to charge through it and hope for the best. This, of course, is frustrating, because you’re a hardworking person who enjoys having a job you’re passionate about.

You Don’t Have Time to Take Care of Yourself

Since work became hectic, your health has declined. You’re always stressed, and you rarely have time to exercise or prepare a healthy meal at home, which is clearly taking a toll on your body. Previously, you rarely got sick, but now you’re constantly under the weather.

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