Many of your employees are frequently in potentially hazardous situations, but it’s very possible to stay safe if proper protocols are followed. The need to develop a comprehensive job safety onboarding program for new hires cannot be emphasized enough. There’s nothing more important than the health and safety of your employees, so you don’t want anyone on your team who hasn’t received through training.

How to Create an Effective Job Safety Onboarding Program

Need a little help crafting a safety training session for new employees? Get started with these four tips:

Include Everyone

Job safety training shouldn’t just be for those working in potentially dangerous situations. It’s important to train employees at every level of the organization on the importance of following safety procedures. Those working directly with hazardous equipment who are directly exposed to these risks will certainly require more extensive training, but even C-level executives need to be familiar with company’s safety policies.

Personalize It

Training has a much greater impact when people understand how it directly relates to their job. Customize each person’s training to include examples of why following proper procedures is important to their specific role. It’s much easier to comprehend and retain information when it feels relevant.

Explain the Purpose

It’s easier for people to adhere to company policies when they can put them in prospective. A rule may not seem important on its own, but when placed in context of the big picture, things often fit together much better. When people know they’re working toward a common safety goal with the rest of the company, they’re much more likely to get behind it.

Follow Through

Most people don’t take the rules seriously if they feel like they’re optional. Hold people accountable for following your safety rules. If you see someone violating them, take action immediately. Your injury rate will likely go through the roof if new hires feel like there’s no consequences for failing to do things the right way.

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