If you’re lucky, you have a few superstar employees who amaze you every day. These people come into the office early, volunteer for extra projects and put 100% effort into everything they do. If everyone on your team worked like this, your company would soar to unimaginable heights, but unfortunately it doesn’t usually work that way.

Most managers face the challenge of trying to motivate at least one employee who is perfectly content doing the bare minimum — or less — needed to collect a paycheck. As opposed to your self-starters, these people never surprise you by going the extra mile or save the day with an innovative idea in a pinch. It’s time to dig a little deeper to see if anything can be done to change this.

There’s a fine line between lazy employees and those who are simply bored and require an extra push. To get a handle on the situation, you’ll need to determine which category describes your team member.

5 Signs of a Lazy Employee

If the employee in question displays most of these characteristics, you can be confident laziness is the root of their failure to launch:

  • Constant procrastination
  • Always blaming others for shortfalls
  • Perpetually scheming to pass work off to anyone and everyone else
  • Regularly showing up late to work and meetings
  • Frequently taking long lunches and granting themselves early dismissals

Conversely, if your employee is not guilty of the above behaviors, it’s probably safe to assume you just need to push them a little harder. Perhaps they need more responsibility or the projects they’re working on simply don’t pique their interest. Work with this person to craft the job into something they’re more passionate about and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a spark ignited you didn’t even know existed.

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