You hired a team of overachievers who aren’t satisfied with anything less than perfection — and that’s great. Having a group of hardworking, talented professionals power your company is nothing short of amazing, but high-stress manufacturing and engineering jobs can really take a toll on a person.

As humans, there’s only so much stress your staff can take, before it begins to weigh them down. Many companies already realized this, and have implemented stress reduction programs to help employees handle stress in a healthy manner. From offering onsite fitness classes and allowing pets in the office to holding workshops to help people learn to better manage stress, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

Four Benefits of Workplace Stress Reduction Programs

Reduce Sick Days

Many people are unable to leave job-related frustrations at the office, so workplace stress can literally make employees sick. Even short-term stress can cause issues such as headaches, stomach aches and trouble sleeping, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). Chronic stress can lead to a host of chronic health concerns, including anxiety, insomnia, weakened immune system, obesity and heart disease. These health problems can cause the number of sick days taken by employees to skyrocket, which will impact your bottom line.

Boost Productivity

Employees bogged down by stress have a hard time concentrating on the work in front of them. Consequently, it takes them much longer to complete assignments, and the work is often of a lower quality. On the other hand, happy employees are much more productive, because they’re able to come to work with a clear mind and focus on the task at-hand.

Mitigate Conflict

It’s no secret that stress leads to mood swings and irrational behavior that can rip your team apart. When employees are at their breaking points, it doesn’t take more than a seemingly unassuming comment to cause a rift between colleagues. Of course, when people are calm and relaxed, they’re able to take things in stride, and allow the little things to roll off their shoulders.

Increase Retention Rates

It’s hard for employees to enjoy work when they’re constantly pushed to their limits in a high-pressure environment. Most people can only take so much before they throw in the towel. Constant turnover can be detrimental to your business, because hiring isn’t cheap and each departing employee takes knowledge with them that is lost to your company forever. When you make an effort to help employees de-stress, expect to see a more engaged staff who stays put longer.

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