Getting to work on time is crucial at most jobs, but doing so can be very difficult when your car doesn’t always want to leave its parking spot. Dealing with an unreliable vehicle is a constant headache, but you can’t afford to replace it right now. Never knowing if your car is going to start is beyond frustrating, but this doesn’t have to interfere with your work.

In this situation, Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the leading temporary staffing agencies in Chicago — suggests always leaving the house a little early in case you have car trouble. This strategy gives you extra time to change gears and still arrive at work promptly.

Three Ways to Get to Work on Time With an Unreliable Vehicle

Having a backup plan is always necessary when you can’t count on your car to get you to work. Plan ahead by being ready to go with at least one of these alternatives.

Find a Carpool Buddy

If a kind, trustworthy colleague happens to live in your neighborhood, ask if you’d be able to hitch a ride occasionally. Get the person’s number, find out what time they leave for work and make a habit of starting your car each morning with plenty of time to score a ride, if necessary. Display gratitude by paying for parking or offering a few dollars for gas, as this is a bridge you definitely don’t want to burn.

Take Public Transportation

Having public transportation within walking distance to your home can be a lifesaver. If you’re in this situation, find out exactly where your stop is and what time you need to catch your bus or train to make it to work on time. Keep a few passes or some extra cash on hand so you don’t have to waste time before getting aboard.

Use Uber of Lyft

More than just a way to get home after a night out, Uber and Lyft can pick you up and take you to work. Download both apps on your phone so you can quickly comparison shop for the best rate and the quickest pickup.

Taking the next step in your career is exciting — albeit a bit intimidating. At Premium Staffing, Inc., we’ve actually worked in manufacturing and engineering, so we understand the importance of carefully weighing each move. Contact us today to discuss your future and start planning for the next chapter!

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