As an ambitious employee, you try to impress your boss at every turn. When asked to do something, you always say yes — with a smile on your face — but lately this habit has gotten you in a bit too deep. You’ve realized you have far more work on your plate than you could ever handle, so it’s time to speak up.

Pushing back against a hefty workload is probably the last thing you want to do, but Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the best temporary staffing agencies in Chicago — the responsible route. You’re only human and there’s limits to the amount you can push yourself until you reach your breaking point. It’s highly possible your boss has no idea you’re so overwhelmed, so give them the opportunity to step in and help.

How to Respectfully Talk to Your Boss About Your Workload

Provide Evidence You’re in a Jam

Make it clear your complaints aren’t in vain by showing your boss what you’re up against. Create a list containing each of your tasks and a time estimate to complete each one. This will obviously add up to far more hours than there are in the workday, proving too much is expected of you right now.

Explain the Negative Impact of Your Heavy Workload

When you’re overworked, something has to give. Tell your boss what aspect(s) of your job is suffering, because you don’t have time to dedicate the proper amount of attention. Explain the bearing this has on shared organizational goals, and that you won’t be able to complete what’s expected of you to achieve key initiatives if things continue in this manner.

Provide a Solution

Display your problem-solving skills by offering at least one suggestion to improve the situation. This could involve anything from hiring a new team member to delegating some of your tasks to colleagues with a little extra time on their hands. Your boss may or may not put your idea into play, but your proactive attitude will be appreciated.

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