Hiring trends come and go, so if you want to secure the best candidates, you need to keep up. Not only will outdated practices cause top talent to run straight to your competition, they can also lead you to hire wrong person for the job.

Released in January 2017, CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast revealed top hiring shifts that will impact your company this year. Premium Staffing, Inc. — a top manufacturing staffing agency in Chicago — wants to make sure you don’t fall behind.

2017 Hiring Trends to Put on Your Radar

Employers are Raising Salaries

If you’re not willing to pay up, don’t expect to add top talent to your roster. Results of the CareerBuilder survey revealed 66% of employers plan to up their salary game on initial job offers. Money isn’t everything to dedicated professionals, but it does dictate their standard of living. If you’re not sure how your salaries measure up to the competition, use the Bureau of Labor Statistics salary tool to compare.

Social Media Skills are Important for Everyone

More than just a must for the marketing team, forward-thinking employers are starting to insist that every new hire have at least basic social media skills. The CareerBuilder survey discovered 63% of employers expect workers in all departments to know their way around popular platforms. Having social savvy employees can help you build a strong team of brand evangelicals and create a well-rounded company presence that highlights all aspects of your organization.

It’s Okay to Communicate with Candidates Via Text

In the past, anything but a phone call to schedule job interviews with candidates was considered taboo, but it’s 2017. These days, everyone texts — including 41% of employers who responded to the CareerBuilder survey that they plan to reach out to candidates using this medium. Many job seekers prefer texts to phone calls and emails, and it can help your company make a better impression on younger — millennials and Generation Z — job seekers.

Soft Skills are a Top Priority

Hiring for cultural fit isn’t a new trend, but companies are realizing its importance more than ever. In fact, the CareerBuilder survey determined 62% of employers place a heavy emphasis on a candidate’s soft skills. This is likely because hiring managers are starting to realize the detrimental impact of a poor cultural fit.

Need a little help keeping up with hiring trends impacting engineering and manufacturing? As engineers ourselves, Premium Staffing, Inc. has the expertise needed to find the best-fit professional for your team every time. Contact us today to learn more!

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