The U.S. economy is currently booming. In Sept. 2017, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2% — the lowest it’s been in more than 10 years. This is great in many aspects, but hiring is not one of them.

Finding top engineers in Chicago is always a challenge, but it can feel nearly impossible when there are more available jobs than talented candidates. Simply posting open positions on job boards and your company HR site won’t cut it. If you want to connect with quality candidates, you’ll need team up with engineering recruiters.

Four Reasons to Take on a Staffing Partner

Gain Access to Their Network

Chicago recruiters that specialize in engineering really know the market. They network constantly to connect with candidates interested in making a career move. Since they don’t want to let their clients down, recruiters carefully vet each candidate to make sure they really are as qualified as they appear on the surface. When you partner with a recruiter, these talented engineers are at your fingertips.

Connect With Passive Candidates

The right person for that open engineering job at your company might be gainfully employed, but willing to make a move for an incredible career opportunity. Recruiters have many passive candidates in their network, and in most cases, you won’t find them through any other method. Since most of these talented people already have jobs, you need a staffing partner to personally present them with the opening on your team.

Dedicate the Time Needed

Hiring is a very time-intensive process. If the only resumes coming across your desk are those of second-rate candidates, you might feel pressured to hire one, because you don’t have time to keep searching. This is a non-issue when you team up with a staffing partner, because filling your open engineering position is their full-time job. Consequently, they’re able to find top talent much faster, allowing your employment roster to be complete in no time.

Consider Non-Traditional Employment Options

Hiring talent direct is the standard approach, but it’s not the only one. A staffing partner can help ease your mind by finding engineers willing to work on a temporary or temporary-to-hire basis. This allows you to give the person a trial run to see their work first-hand — and how they get along with the team — before deciding if you want to bring them on in a full-time role.

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