Hard hats can literally be a matter of life and death, so you have to make sure they’re used — and used properly. Both employers and employees must be aware of the standards regarding hard hats because keeping everyone on a job site safe and healthy is a team effort.

Five Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hard Hats

How long will a hard hat last?

While there’s no specific OSHA hard hat expiration date, they won’t last forever. Various factors — i.e., temperatures, exposure to sunlight, contact with chemicals — work together to determine the useful life of a specific hard hat.

When must hard hats be worn?

OSHA requires hard hats to be worn when there’s a possibility of encountering several hazardous conditions, including falling objects, bumping heads against fixed objects and electric hazards that could mistakenly come in contact with a person’s head.

What is the proper way to clean and store a hard hat?

Working on jobsites often causes hard hats to get dirty, so when this happens, clean the hat and suspension with mild soap and water. When finished, dry it with a towel or allow it to air dry. Some materials — i.e., tar — might not be possible to remove. If the hard had comes into contact with these substances, the impacted component will need to be replaced.

How do I know what standards a certain hard hat meets?

Every hard hat must contain markings or labels by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the CSA head protection standards. These specifications also require guidelines for use to be given with the hard hat, so take a close look at them before wearing it to a job site.

What is the correct way to inspect a hard hat?

Hard hats should be inspected before use on a daily basis. During the process, look for dents, cuts and cracks in the shell. Examine the suspension to make sure straps aren’t frayed or cut and that there’s no tears or cracks in the plastic. If the hard hat has been exposed to the elements, replace the shell or suspension if you notice it has become dull, chalky or less flexible.

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