The new year is here, and you’re ready for it to be your company’s best yet. If you want to realize results better than ever, productivity has to increase, but you can’t accomplish this with a team of perpetually stressed employees.

Whether you already have your team intact or you need to do a little hiring in Chicago to fill your roster, foster high levels of output by creating a healthy work environment.

5 Ways to Boost Productivity While Decreasing Team Stress

Introduce Flexible Working Options

Commuting to work each day can be stressful. Help employees strike a healthy work-life balance by introducing flexible work options. This can include flextime, the ability to work remotely or a mix of the two. Allowing people to organize their work schedule in a manner that’s conducive to their life will make them happier and more productive.

Allow Staffers to Personalize Their Workspace

It’s hard to get inspired in dull surroundings. Give your team the freedom to decorate their offices and cubicles into a space where they feel comfortable. This will make their work area a space they truly want to spend time at, which will help them become more efficient.

Encourage Employees to Take Breaks

Promoting breaks at regular intervals might seem like the opposite of productivity, but it’s not. When employees are overworked, they become stressed and the quality and quantity of their work declines. Something as simple as a 10-minute coffee break or stepping away from their desk for lunch can help them relax and return to the office ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Stop Micromanaging

Having a boss that constantly stands over your shoulders and tells you how to do your job is both stressful and annoying. Help your team become more productive by giving them the freedom to complete work their own way. You might think your micromanaging is helpful, but it’s not doing anything positive for your team.

Help People Manage Stress

Relaxed employees are more productive, so help your staff become a little more Zen. Bring a masseuse into the office a few times a month or hire a yoga teacher to lead a weekly class in the conference room. You’re in a position to help your team reduce stress, so find an activity to help them unwind — that they’ll actually enjoy — and bring it to them.

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