Chances are, you have a LinkedIn account, but you might not be getting the most from it. Whether you’re looking for City of Chicago jobs or simply want to become more actively involved in your industry, this platform has a lot to offer.

When you let your strong personal brand shine on LinkedIn, people notice. The world’s largest professional network has more than 546 million users in over 200 countries, which can open the door to countless opportunities.

Four Steps to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

If your LinkedIn presence doesn’t really convey your personal brand, use these tips to portray yourself in the manner you want to be viewed by others.

Complete Your Profile

This might sound obvious, but until you fully complete your LinkedIn profile, other users won’t be able to see what you’re all about. Creating a custom URL, writing a catchy headline and filling out as many fields as possible will let those who view your profile see who you are and what you stand for. This will also allow you to appear in relevant search results, thus increasing your visibility. Don’t forget to add a professional-looking headshot, as profiles with a photo receive notably more views than those without one.

Use the Site’s Publishing Platform

The best way to convey your personal brand is to say it in your own words. LinkedIn makes this easy by providing a publishing tool, where you can write and share content displayed directly on your profile. Create and share content on topics relevant to your industry on a regular basis, to strengthen your brand and get your name out there.

Participate in Relevant Groups

Actions speak louder than words, so become an active participant in LinkedIn groups that align with your personal brand. Start discussions, contribute to those in-progress and make connections within the group. If you don’t find any groups that feel like the right fit, take initiative and start your own.

Maintain a Professional Persona

Unlike most social networks — i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — LinkedIn is a place for strictly business. Give your personal brand a polished look by sticking to professional matters only on this site. Save the vacation pictures, funny stories about your weekend and thoughts on current events for your personal social media presence — which certainly has privacy settings in place, because by now, you know better.

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