Keeping your workplace safe and secure is your number one concern. These days, security has both a physical and a digital component, making it trickier than in the past. However, new technology is constantly cropping up to help you meet the challenge.

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Chicago, Premium Staffing, Inc. understands the importance of protecting both your employees and your company’s assets — both physical and digital. If you’re looking to step security up at your place of business, here’s a look at what you can expect.

Four Ways Technology is Shaping the Future of Workplace Safety

Heightened Security Systems

Pairing a security system with onsite guards is not a new way to keep a business safe. However, new technology has created greater security systems that protect better than ever. Features like motion lights make it much easier to spot intruders than in the past and digital security cameras capture their every move, so if they’re able to escape, you have a solid lead to work from.

State-of-the-Art Security Enhancements

No two companies have the exact same security needs, but technology is making it easier to keep a business safe, no matter what the obstacle. For example, modern metal detectors are now equipped with technology that allows them to sense even a tiny piece of metal, so it’s incredibly challenging, if not impossible to get dangerous items past them. Other enhancements like bulletproof glass and laser safety curtains are also helping make employees feel safe and secure at work.

More Effective Ways to Monitor Employees

Exterior threats aren’t the only security issues faced by employers. Measures must also be taken to ensure prospective employees don’t have a dark past, but background checks in the Digital Age are more comprehensive than ever. Thanks to the Internet and the popularity of social media, it’s also much easier than in the past to monitor employee communications and actions, to make sure they’re not up to no good.

Better Firewalls

Cybersecurity is a bigger issue than ever, but modern firewalls are up to the challenge. In the past, it was relatively simple for computer-savvy criminals to pull off a successful data breach, but new technology is keeping secure information under wraps. Companies willing to invest the time and money into building a solid infrastructure are able to greatly reduce the threat of successful cyberattacks.

At Premium Staffing, Inc., worker safety is our top priority. If this philosophy is shared by your Chicago area company, we want to work with you. Contact us today to connect with the best engineers you’ve ever hired!

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