When filling an open position on your team, you don’t want to hire just anyone. If the resumes you’re receiving from postings on job boards and your company’s HR site aren’t cutting it, you’ll need to dig a little deeper.

Manufacturing job recruiters know passive talent is one of the best kept hiring secrets. These people aren’t actively looking for work, but they’re willing to make a change if the right opportunity presents itself. Finding them people requires a little extra effort, but they’re worth it.

4 Tips to Connect With Passive Talent

Seek Employee Referrals

Every single person on your team has a network of their own, so tap into it by asking for help. This is a great way to find candidates who share your company’s values and beliefs. Recommendations should be given considerable weight, because employees won’t want to vouch for someone who will tarnish their reputation. Add an extra incentive by offering a bonus to staffers that recommend a candidate who is hired and stays onboard for at least one year.

Attend Networking Events

Top talent is passionate about their work, so they take an active interest in it. You won’t find them at job fairs, but networking events are filled with passive candidates scoping out the scene. This is your chance introduce them to your company and pique their interest. Initial conversation might have nothing to do with hiring, but if you get their contact information, you can build a relationship that might turn into a hire.

Take on a Staffing Partner

Recruiters have networks filled with passive talent. They make a point to stay in touch with these professionals, so they’re always aware of the type of position that would make them leave the job they’re currently comfortable in. Teaming up with a staffing firm is a quick and efficient way to hire a passive employee who will make a difference at your company.

Use LinkedIn

The world’s largest professional network has more than 546 million users in more than 200 countries and territories across the world, and many of them are passive job seekers. Take advantage of the contacts at your fingertips by searching for professionals who meet your needs and sending a request to connect that includes an introduction explaining why you’re reaching out. LinkedIn was made for moves like this, so get the most from it.

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