Your company is only as strong as the employees behind it. As top manufacturing recruiters in Chicago, Premium Staffing, Inc. understands the importance of ensuring your team feels empowered to make decisions without constantly running to you for approval.

As the boss, you have a lot on your plate. You can’t be everywhere at once, so you need to build up employees’ confidence, so they feel comfortable working on their own terms.

Five Feedback Phrases That Make Employees Feel Empowered

Fosters innovation within the team

Continuous improvement is essential to every company that strives to be a long-term player. Letting an employee know they’re a driving force of innovation within the team will inspire them to keep up their forward-thinking approach. When they know you want them to continue searching for ways to help the team learn and grow, they’ll become even more motivated.

Exceeds project expectations

The best employees don’t strive for greatness just to receive praise, but it feels great to know the boss is watching and impressed. When you praise a staffer for regularly exceeding project expectations, it boosts their confidence and provides reassurance they’re doing great work.

Effectively communicates with team members at all levels

Everyone isn’t an excellent communicator, but those who are deserve to know it. Encourage staffers who really connect with peers at all levels of the organization by complimenting their people skills. This will let them know their ability to work comfortably with a variety of people is really something special.

Crucial to the overall success of the team

Sometimes it’s hard for an employee to see how their work fits into the big picture. Rouse them by letting them know exactly how much weight their contributions hold. When people realize they’re a key team player, they’ll feel proud and enthused to keep up the great work.

Has my full confidence

There’s no better way to empower an employee than revealing you trust them completely. When a worker knows you believe in them, they in turn believe in themselves. This helps them develop a cool confidence that allows them to make decisions — even big ones — with ease.

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