Workplace flexibility is a perk you can’t put a price on. In the past, companies offering flexible schedules were a rarity, but this has now become the standard. As the boss, you enjoy certain liberties your employees do not, so you might not completely understand the hype surrounding it. Here’s a look at why people can’t get enough of an accommodating workplace.

Four Reasons Your Team Values Workplace Flexibility

Achieve a Sense of Balance

A rigid work schedule can make it difficult to enjoy a fulfilling personal life. When employees are able to adjust the days and/or hours they work, they can enjoy the feeling of having it all. For example, choosing their own hours might make it possible to attend events at their children’s school or working remotely can allow them to be home for a repairman.

Save Time and Money

For many people, commuting to and from work is a major time commitment. For example, if it takes an hour to get to work and an hour to get home, that’s two hours lost each day. Allowing them to work from home even a couple days per week will give them more time in their day to spend on other priorities.

Commuting can also be expensive. The cost of gas, parking and wear and tear on their vehicle cuts into their paycheck. Public transit might be cheaper, but it also costs money. Each day an employee is able to work from home puts this money back in their pocket.

Ability to Work When They’re Most Energized

Requiring employees to work from 9 am to 5 pm every day isn’t beneficial to anyone. People reach peak energy levels at different times of day, but when they set their own schedule, you get the most from them. For example, if a night owl is forced to get up early for work, they’ll do their job to the best of their ability, but they’ll be more productive if their schedule aligns with their body clock.

Enjoy More Control Over Their Lives

No one wants to feel like they’re not in charge of their day. When you let employees set their schedule, they enjoy an element of control that empowers them. This increases their levels of job satisfaction and reduces burnout because they’re able to strike a healthy balance between work and play.

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