You want your employees to be busy, but there’s a fine line between having a full plate and being overworked. If your team has been busier than normal lately, it might be time to evaluate your staffing levels.

As one of the top Chicago staffing agencies, Premium Staffing, Inc. knows how important it is to make sure employees aren’t pushed to the brink. When people are regularly forced to work long hours, morale drops and turnover rises. Getting to the bottom of this situation quickly is crucial, so here’s how to determine the amount of pressure your employees are really under.

Three Tips To Evaluate Your Staffing Levels

Consult Department Managers

You keep a close watch on the company, but there’s only so much you can see from your position at the top. Department managers work right alongside employees, so they have a much better grasp on their workloads.

Chances are, you’re already meeting with middle management on a regular basis to touch base on business issues, including staffing levels. Take it one step further by encouraging them to come to you as soon as they even suspect employees might be overextended. Working together will allow you to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Closely Monitor Business Patterns

Like all companies, yours has both busy periods and slow seasons. You know when these points typically occur, but you still need to carefully monitor what’s going on in the present. If you notice an unusual spike in business, take this as a sign your employees need backup. Realistically speaking, you can’t expect them to produce their standard quality of work if they’re in over their heads.

Send Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If your overworked team isn’t able to provide the standard of service your clients expect, they’ll be happy to let you know. When your team finishes an external project, follow up with a customer satisfaction survey. Ask questions that specifically pertain to staffing matters — i.e., Was your project completed by the quoted deadline? — so you can determine whether or not you need to expand your team.

Ready to ease the burden on overworked employees? Premium Staffing, Inc. is here to do the legwork. Contact us today to find the right fit for your Chicago area team every time!

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