Your team is inundated with projects, so you need to find talented engineering job candidates to assist with the workload. Defining the skills and experience needed to fill these positions is easy, but deciding if you need temporary or permanent employees can be a bit more challenging.

In the past, it might’ve been difficult to find skilled manufacturing job candidates looking for temporary work, but it’s becoming more mainstream. An increasing number of Chicago job candidates are searching for flexible opportunities, allowing you to feel confident you’ll be able to secure top talent, no matter which route you choose.

Temporary vs. Permanent Employees: Pros and Cons

Not sure if you need to hire temporary or permanent workers? Use this guide to help determine your needs.

Temporary Employee Pros

  • Test drive a potential hire’s fit for both the job and your company.
  • Fill short term needs — i.e., specialized skills only needed for a limited time or get extra hand on deck for a one-off project.

Temporary Employee Cons

  • Spend time and money training an employee who might only be with your company for a short while.
  • May have a high hourly rate, because they do not receive standard benefits such as health insurance or paid time off.

Permanent Employee Pros

  • Likely more motivated to do their best work, because they have a future with the company.
  • Being part of the team for the long run allows them to develop better relationships with colleagues, which can help them work more efficiently.

Permanent Employee Cons

  • Maintaining a permanent staff can be costly, when office space, ongoing training, benefits and other resources are factored in.
  • Reducing their hours because you don’t have enough work to keep them busy will likely cause them to quit.

Every company is different, so take your unique business needs into consideration when deciding how to categorize open positions. Think about what’s going on with your company right now and in the near future to make the best possible choice.

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