Job sites are a rewarding place to work, but they come with a number of safety risks. You already know the importance of wearing the right personal protective equipment, but you might not realize this also involves footwear.

It doesn’t matter if you typically work in an office and are just visiting the job site or spend all your time there, outfitting yourself in the proper footwear is a must. Here’s a look at a few hazards you can avoid by making a wise shoe choice.

5 Protections You’ll Get From Wearing Proper Footwear

Slips, Trips and Falls

More than one-third (39.2 percent) of construction deaths in 2017 were caused by falls, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Opting for footwear with the necessary traction can help prevent falls on both ladders and slippery surfaces. Well-fitting shoes can also improve your balance, decreasing your chance of falling.

Extreme Weather

Work sites aren’t always located in warm, dry environments. Choosing proper footwear will protect your feet against freezing temperatures that can cause injuries such as frostbite and hypothermia. It’s also a must when working in wet settings, as the right shoes can keep you from developing blisters and other health conditions.


Construction sites are filled with sharp objects. If you don’t wear shoes with thick soles and thick material protecting the top and sides of the foot, you run the risk of being punctured. Selecting the right shoes can keep you from a nasty injury.

Electrical Hazards

Electrocutions accounted for 7.3 percent of construction deaths in 2017, according to OSHA. Proper footwear — i.e., shoes made from leather, rubber or other non-conductive materials — can decrease your risk of falling victim to an electrical accident. Of course, if you’re in a situation where you could accrue static electricity, conductive footwear would likely be the better option, so choose your shoes according to job site conditions.

Falling and Flying Objects

Busy worksites are filled with people and heavy machinery, which can lead to organized chaos. When there’s a lot going on at once, there’s always a risk of falling and flying objects. Wearing proper footwear can keep your feet safe from hazards like crushing injuries.

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