A job interview is the time to put your best self forward, but that doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant. No one wants to hire someone who spends the interview blatantly self-promoting.

The best candidates have a subtle way of selling themselves that highlights their value, without making them seem like an egomaniac. Use these tips to appear modest, while driving your fit home.

4 Ways to Humbly Sell Yourself in an Interview

Show, Don’t Tell

Presentation is everything when highlighting your skills and experience in a job interview. Instead of rattling off a list of your abilities, prepare a story or two that modestly conveys those most pertinent to the job. For example, instead of outright declaring yourself an excellent team player, walk the interviewer through a time you took on extra responsibilities to help the group finish a project by the deadline.

Let the Metrics Do the Talking

Numbers don’t lie, so quantify as many relevant accomplishments as possible and work them into conversation. Simply stating the facts can’t be considered bragging. For example, instead of saying you cut costs by streamlining operations on your latest project, specifically note that you saved the company $10,000.

Display Enthusiastic Body Language

Hiring managers know the job they’re working to fill is great, and they want a candidate who feels the same way. Make yourself the ideal choice by showing enthusiasm for the position, without saying a word. Smile a lot, maintain eye contact with the interviewer, sit up straight, and use hand gestures to emphasize important statements.

Admit You’re Not Perfect

Chances are, you’ll be asked some form of the question “What is your greatest weakness?” during the interview. A showoff might claim to have no flaws or offer up a perceived fault that’s actually a strength. These tactics won’t score you any points in humility, so be real.

Answer this question without jeopardizing your candidacy by citing a real flaw that doesn’t relate to any required or desired skills associated with the job. Choose something you’re actively working to fix, and briefly share the progress you’ve made toward overcoming it.

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