You’ve been in your current assignment for awhile now, and you’re really happy. The work itself is great and you really enjoy your colleagues. Unfortunately, your contract is about to end, but you’re hoping to extend it. 

Talking to your boss about a contract extension might feel intimidating, but you can do it. Here’s some advice to help you have a productive conversation. 

4 Tips to Talk to Your Boss About a Contract Extension

Schedule a Meeting

Asking for a contract extension is a big deal, so don’t casually drop this question on your manager. Make sure they have time to discuss your request at length by scheduling a meeting in advance. Let them know what you’d like to talk about, so they’re not caught off guard. This will give them time to think about whether they’d like to keep you on board, and if it’s even possible. 

Express Gratitude

Thank your boss for giving you the opportunity to hold the position and be part of such an incredible team. Let them know how much you’ve enjoyed your time with the company, and are grateful for all you’ve been able to learn under their watch. Remaining humble is crucial, because no one wants to extend the contract of a worker who feels entitled.  

Highlight Your Achievements

The more invaluable you’re considered, the greater the chance of having your contract extended. Prove your worth by making a list of your top accomplishments in the position and sharing them with your manager. When possible, quantify them to really emphasize all the amazing work you’ve done for the company. 

Be Graceful

There’s no way to know how this meeting will go, so don’t go into it expecting your wish to be granted. It’s possible you were only needed for a limited engagement or there isn’t enough room in the budget to keep you on staff. No matter what the end result, it’s important to maintain your composure and behave like a consummate professional. If your contract isn’t extended now, but you made a great impression, your boss might be willing to recommend you to someone in your network or reach out if they’re able to fill the position again in the future. 

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