Searching for a new job is a very time-consuming activity, so you might be tempted to cut corners and skip writing cover letters  especially if submitting one is optional. While this might save you time, it won’t get you hired.  

A cover letter is another chance to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Passing up this opportunity puts you at a disadvantage, because other candidates are definitely including one with their application 

Find out how to put together a winning cover letter that makes you a top contender. 

4 Tips to Write an Amazing Engineering Cover Letter

Personalize It

Addressing your cover letter to a generic “Dear Hiring Manager” was acceptable in the pre-Internet era, but these days, you can do better. Show enthusiasm for the job by doing a little detective work, if the hiring manager’s name isn’t listed on the job posting. Chances are, you’ll be able to find the person’s name in a matter of minutes. They’ll be impressed with both your savvy detective skills and the fact that you took the time to track them down. 

Make Each One Unique

Writing a fresh cover letter for each job you apply to is a serious time investment. This might cause you to consider drafting one letter and simply changing a few words around for every job, but don’t do it. Each opportunity you apply to is unique, so you can’t effectively showcase your fit with one generic cover letter. If you’re going to submit one, do it the right way. 

Share Information Not on Your Resume

Your cover letter should serve as an extension of your resume — not a replica. This is the place to let your personality shine, while showing enthusiasm for both the job and the company. You should also highlight your experience, but achieve this by providing additional insight on a few key bullet points listed on your resume. 

Highlight Your Value

Employers aren’t interested in what they can do for your career — they want to know what you can do for their team. Therefore, it’s best to focus on the skills and experience you have that would most benefit the company. Zero in on this by identifying a problem the company is currently facing and explaining why you’re equipped to solve it. 

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