As a seasoned hiring manager, you know civil engineer recruitment is no easy task. When you post an open position, you’re likely inundated with resumes, but volume doesn’t equal quantity. It’s frustrating to know what you want in a candidate, but not know how to find them.

Working with an engineering recruiter eases the pressure, because not only do they manage the hiring process for you — they can find better candidates. Since they fill open positions for a living, they’ve mastered the art of hiring, and you get to reap the benefits of their expertise.

Here’s a look at what you have to gain by teaming up with a recruiter to find your next great hire.

3 Ways a Recruiter Can Help You Find Top Engineering Talent

Assess Your Needs

You know you need to fill an open position, but it’s possible the job type you’ve selected isn’t optimal. By default, you probably make all your engineering positions permanent, full-time roles. However, that isn’t always necessary.

A recruiter can take a look at the position you’re trying to fill and help you determine your true hiring needs. For example, if you’re trying to bulk the team up for a big project, it might be best to hire on a temporary basis, until you’re able to determine long-term staffing needs. This will reduce unnecessary payroll expenses and boost your bottom line.

Uncover Passive Talent

Often times, the best person for the job is currently employed. Consequently, they’re not scrolling job postings in search of a new opportunity. When you hire on your own, you miss out on these people, but recruiters don’t let that happen.

Staffing professionals maintain talent pools filled with passive candidates who would consider making a move for the right opportunity. When you task them with filling an open position, they screen their database and reach out to passive talent who might be interested. This can make the difference between a decent hire and one who is truly perfect for the job.

Screen for Cultural Fit

A candidate might look great on paper, but if their personality doesn’t mesh with your company culture, they won’t last. When you come across a resume with all the right skills, it’s easy to get excited and decide you’ve found the right person for the job, but a recruiter is more cautious.

Since they hire for a living, recruiters know all the right questions to ask and telltale signs to look for to determine cultural fit. If they don’t think a candidate is a match for your team, they won’t make the cut — no matter how impressive their credentials are.

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