Lately, things haven’t been great at work. In fact, you’ve actually been casually looking for companies hiring in Chicago for quite some time. 

It hasn’t always been like this. When you first started your job, you found it exciting and fulfilling — but things have changed.  

While you’re nervous about taking the next step in your career, it’s starting to feel inevitable. If any of the following signs sound familiar, dust off your resume and start preparing for your exit. 

You’re Usually Bored 

Everyone has parts of their workday that aren’t as exciting as the rest. However, if you find most of your job uninteresting, this is a problem. Staring at the clock all day eagerly awaiting quitting time is no way to spend your career.  

You’re Not Learning Anything New 

It’s hard to be excited about a job that has become completely mundane. If you no longer feel like you’re growing at work, staying there isn’t doing you any favors. Treading water at a job, just because it’s comfortable isn’t doing you any favors.  

You Dread Going to Work 

You spend a large portion of your week at work, so you should be doing something you enjoy. If you hate walking out the door each morning, you’re putting unnecessary stress on yourself. It’s time to find a job you can’t wait to arrive at. 

You Don’t Feel Appreciated 

Any employer should feel fortunate to have you on board. However, if your hard work constantly falls under the radar, this is a problem. It’s time to move on to a new opportunity where your efforts will be truly valued. 

Your Job Has Evolved Into Something You Don’t Like 

You really enjoyed the job you were hired for, but this isn’t it. It’s common for job duties to change a bit with time, but if yours has become something you didn’t sign up for, there’s no need to stay put. Find a new job that aligns with your values and goals for the future. 

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