Your employees are talented people. In fact, you often wish there were two of many of your favorites. As top engineering recruiters, you can trust us when we tell you there’s actually a way to achieve this — well sort of.

An employee referral program is a great way to connect with top talent who operates like your current team. People tend to associate with those like them, so the professionals in your employees’ networks could be a valuable addition to your team.

Here’s what you have to gain by launching an employee referral program.

Increase Your Quality of Hire

Employees won’t recommend just anyone to work at your company. They know candidates they refer are a direct representation of them, so they’ll only vouch for people they truly believe in. If an employee is willing to put their reputation on the line for someone, you know they must be good.

This is a fantastic way to connect with both active and passive talent, without any effort on your part. Employees serve as fantastic screening tools, because they don’t want to let you down.

Get a Better Cultural Fit

Skills can be learned, but personality traits are innate. This is why finding candidates who perfectly fit into your culture is a must. There’s plenty of ways to assess a candidate’s cultural fit, but none compare to personal experience.

When employees refer a candidate, they’ve either worked alongside them in the past or have a personal relationship with them. This means they have the knowledge needed to know the person’s values, beliefs and attitude align with that of the company.

Boost Employee Satisfaction Rates

People want to work with colleagues they actually like. By creating an employee referral program, you’re allowing people to have a hand in building their team. This makes them feel valued and creates a more rewarding work environment. When going to work is fun, people are more likely to stay put.

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