Starting a new job is equally exciting and terrifying. Finding your way in an unfamiliar company takes time, so even the most talented, experienced new hires need your help to establish a strong foundation from day one.

If you’re not willing to put forth the effort to train the newest additions to your team, they’ll quickly feel lost and start second-guessing their decision to join your company. You don’t want to lose these incredible new employees before they’ve even had a chance to get acclimated, so make sure you’re welcoming them with a comprehensive onboarding process.

Set Goals for Training

New hires aren’t mind readers. Many of your existing employees have probably been on staff long enough to anticipate your needs and work with little-to-no guidance, but those who have just joined your team clearly aren’t there yet. Create a customized training plan for each new employee and review it together on their first day. Keep everyone on the same page by including specific goals and deadlines to accomplish them.

Provide Regular Feedback

Starting a new job is nerve-wracking, so new employees look to their manager for guidance and assurance they’re doing things correctly. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but when you fail to give new hires regular feedback, many become anxious and insecure, because they don’t know where they stand. Resolve this by meeting with each new person frequently, giving praise where it’s deserved and gently offering constructive criticism when necessary. Use this time to check-in with the new employee to see how they’re doing and answer any questions they have.

Establish a Mentoring Relationship

Finding your way in a new company takes time, so new employees can really benefit from having a mentor to help them get settled. Starting on their first day of work, provide each person with a designated mentor to show them around. Many people avoid asking mundane-yet-necessary questions, because they feel too embarrassed, but become much more at ease when they have a mentor to consult.

Help New Hires Get Acquainted

It’s always exciting to have a new person join your team, so make them feel welcome from the start. Prior to the new

employee’s first day, send an email to your staff announcing their arrival, provide a little background information on the person and ask everyone to stop by their desk and introduce themselves. Organize a team lunch on their first day or get everyone together for an after-work happy hour to get acquainted outside the confines of the office.

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