Social media has proven to be an incredible medium for people to connect and a very popular pastime. Incorporating platforms like Facebook and Twitter into your training session is a savvy way to capture the attention of your audience and teach them real skills they will use in their job. This interactive approach to training keeps your students interested, allowing them to take so much more from the training than if you simply lectured or had them read a manual.

Three Strategies to Work Social Media into Your Training Program

Create a Shared Social Space

Make a Facebook page, LinkedIn group or other shared social space dedicated to the training and invite members to join prior to kickoff. If the group doesn’t already know one another, ask everyone to introduce themselves and share what they hope to get from the session. Surveys, suggested reading material and any necessary updates can be posted in this space, making it easier than ever to keep everyone on the same page.

Practice Engaging With Customers

If you’re training a group of marketers or customer service representatives who will be using social media to interact with customers, create a fake Twitter account or Facebook page for training to help them practice engaging. Post comments as both irate and satisfied customers to give a well-rounded approach, as they’ll be exposed to all types of commenters on a daily basis. Enable privacy settings so only those present in training can view the content.

Tweeting During Training Sessions

Every great training session presents a lot of information, so even the most alert and engaged participants will likely be unable to take it all in. Give trainees something to refer back to after the meeting by tweeting main points, using an exclusive hashtag to make them easily searchable. Participants can even direct others to the hashtag, so the impact of your lessons go well beyond the classroom.

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