When you’re a bundle of nerves, it’s hard to maintain your cool. However, your employees need you to exhibit a constant confidence, so sometimes you just have to fake it.

Being the boss is rarely easy, but the best managers understand the importance of maintaining a steadfast presence. Revealing your own anxiety can create a ripple effect throughout your team, resulting in chaos.

Follow these tips from Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the leading staffing agencies in Chicago — to appear confident, even when you’re anything but that.

Display the Right Body Language

Anxiety can make you want to retreat to a corner of your office and curl up in a ball, but that won’t help anyone. Instead, carry yourself as a strong, confident person by standing — and sitting — with a strong posture, not fidgeting and keeping hand gestures to a minimum. What you say often takes a back seat to how you say it, so keep your body language in check.

Take a Stance

You don’t know all the answers, but being indecisive is a clear sign you don’t have it all together. If you hesitate over every choice you have to make, your employees will realize you’re nervous about your decision-making abilities. As the boss, you need to make the tough calls look easy, so make up your mind and share your choice with confidence. Things might work out as planned and they might not. If they don’t, admit your mistake, learn from it and move on.

Remember to Smile

It seems so simple, but plastering a smile on your face gives the impression you know what you’re doing. You may not feel like it, but trading a tense expression for a smile will make you appear poised and relaxed. After awhile, you might even start to believe your own act!

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