When you hire a new employee, you hope they’re planning to spend the foreseeable future with your company. Many will do just that, but these days, it’s hard to avoid job hoppers.

More than half of employers  

Despite the frustrating nature of job hoppers, your Illinois recruiting strategy shouldn’t involve bypassing them entirely. These people only move from one job to the next because they haven’t found a reason to stay put.

Three Ways to Get Job Hoppers to Settle Down

Hire for Cultural Fit

Sometimes a person has to work in several different settings to determine their ideal work environment. It’s very possible — especially if the candidate is under 30 years old — that they’ve switched jobs a lot because they needed to try several company cultures on for size to see what fits.

If you find a job hopper that perfectly blends with your team, don’t be afraid to give them a chance. By now the person knows how hard it is to find a culture that aligns with their own values and behaviors, so there’s a good chance they’ll stay put.

Assign Interesting Work

When a job hopper gets bored, they start looking for a new challenge. Since you’re aware of the candidate’s work history, be cognizant of this and make sure they always have engaging work on their plate.

Meet with them often to make sure they’re feeling mentally stimulated and that the assignments they’re given align with their goals. If you’re able to keep the person interested in the work in front of them, they won’t need to head elsewhere.

Offer Competitive Pay

Any job hopper worth your time and effort isn’t solely focused on money. However, the size of a person’s paycheck direct impacts their quality of life, so if a job hopper is struggling to pay the bills, they’re probably going to start looking for other opportunities.

On an annual basis, use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to make sure the employee’s salary aligns with the industry average for your local area. There’s no need to overcompensate the person, but paying them a fair rate can help keep them grounded.

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