If a new hire isn’t a fit for your company culture, they won’t last. It’s that simple. Many candidates look amazing on paper, but if they don’t have a personality that clicks with your team, hiring them is a terrible idea.

No two manufacturing companies in Chicago have the same company culture, and that’s a good thing. Different people excel in different work environments, so before hiring a new employee, help candidates see what your company is all about.

Three Tips to Showcase Your Company Culture During Job Interviews

Find out how to effectively introduce people to your company culture during the interview process, because better hiring decisions are made when everyone is on the same page.

Highlight Top Perks

More than just fun incentives to join your team, the perks offered by your company provide telling insights into your culture. Obviously, you don’t want people to accept a job because of these perks, but being upfront about them allows candidates to get a feel for the personality of your company. For example, perks like a casual dress code, beer Fridays and a pet-friendly space reveal a casual, laid-back, social environment that’s ideal for some, but not everyone.

Make It a Team Activity

Before a hiring decision is made, candidates should meet with multiple team members, as this provides a well-rounded perspective on both ends. Different people pick up on different signals, so you might miss something another employee will notice that can predict the person’s success at your company. From the candidate’s perspective, this is helpful because it allows them to see how your team interacts, which will help them decide if they’re a fit.

Give a Tour of Your Workspace

Your workspace reveals a lot more about your culture than you might realize. For example, an open space indicates a largely collaborative culture, while an area filled with offices points to a more self-sufficient vibe. Savvy candidates understand this, so giving them a tour before or after the interview is an educational experience of sorts. If possible, have a seasoned employee give this tour, as it’s more meaningful when conducted by a potential peer.

Finding the right engineer for your company culture isn’t always easy, so leave the work to Premium Staffing, Inc. Our team understands the importance of hiring the perfect fit, and we won’t stop searching until we’ve found it. Get in touch today to make the hiring process a breeze!

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