Top talent isn’t content to stay in the same job for too long. These ambitious individuals are always looking toward the next step, which for many means leadership. If you don’t give these people the opportunity to become leaders, they’ll start looking for other city of Chicago jobs where they’ll be able to move up the ladder.

Watching employees blossom before your own two eyes is pretty incredible, but the key to making this happen is learning to let go. They won’t be able to lead the charge if you’re standing in their way, so find out how to help them grow.

Four Ways to Help Your Employees Become Leaders

Allow Them to Take Ownership

It’s hard for employees to feel like they’re in control of a project when your hands are all over it. If they have to run every decision by you before moving forward, they’ll feel like you don’t trust them, which will lower their self-confidence. This will also cause them to be less engaged in the project, because it’s hard to be proud and excited about work that’s not really your own.

Make it Okay to Fail

Some of the best leadership lessons come from failure, so don’t step in to help every time the employee has to make a tough call. Be there if they absolutely need you, but try to take a hands-off approach. Consequently, you’ll want to start them on off on smaller projects, as you don’t want to set them up for disaster.

Provide Regular Feedback

Meet with employees regularly to discuss what they’re doing well and areas for improvement. This will keep them on the right track, without interfering in the moment. Having one-on-one time with you will also give them the opportunity to ask questions and share their goals, so you can tailor projects to support them.

Lead By Example

If you don’t behave like one yourself, it’s hard for employees to really understand what it means to be a good leader. As the boss, people look up to you, so take this role seriously. Conduct yourself like the leader you want your employees to become, as they look up to you more than you probably realize.

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