It’s hard to believe it, but we’re officially in the fourth quarter of 2018. This means there’s just one quarter left to meet — or hopefully exceed — the organizational goals you set at the beginning of the year.

As leading engineering recruiters in Chicago, Premium Staffing, Inc. understands the importance of ending the year on a high note. You want to go into 2019 with a sense of pride and accomplishment, so it’s time to see where you stand.

Three Ways to Evaluate the Success of Your Organizational Goals

Run the Numbers

Chances are, most — or all — of the goals you set are quantifiable. This makes it easy to determine your progress, because numbers don’t lie.

For each of your objectives, calculate the headway you’ve made since the beginning of the year. Compare this to the overall goals you set for 2018. This will allow you to see how far you’ve come and what you have left to do before December 31.

Gauge Client Satisfaction

Numbers reveal a lot about the progress you’ve made toward a goal, but they don’t tell the whole story. To really gauge their organizational impact, it’s important to understand their impact on clients.

For example, you might’ve already exceeded a goal for the year, but if it’s not resonating with your customer base as you hoped, it’s not an overall success. The people who keep your company in business hold a lot of weight, so their satisfaction must be taken into account.

Look at the Big Picture

Every goal you set doesn’t turn out to be a great idea. Certain objectives might’ve seemed brilliant in January, but no longer have a good business case. Even if your team has made significant progress toward them, they might not be the resounding success you hoped — and that’s okay.

On the flip side, you could realize a certain goal has been such a major win, you can up the ante and challenge your team to achieve an even loftier objective by the end of the year. No matter what the case, focus on what’s best for the business as a whole — not on simply achieving certain goals just because they’re already in place.

Finding the right high-level manufacturing or engineering candidate isn’t easy, but Premium Staffing, Inc. is up to the challenge. As engineers ourselves, we know exactly what you need, and we won’t stop searching until we’ve found that person. Get in touch today to learn more!

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