Running a business is hard work. As one of the leading manufacturing recruiters in Chicago, Premium Staffing, Inc. understands the issues faced by management on a daily basis.

To make your life a little easier, we share HR and management advice twice per month. Here’s a look at our three most popular articles from 2018.

How is Technology Shaping the Future of Workplace Safety?

These days, you can never be too careful with both the physical and digital aspects of your company’s safety. Thankfully, new technologies designed to keep your organization safe are constantly hitting the market.

If you’re considering giving your security a boost, expect to be impressed with the way technology is shaping the future of workplace safety. Four notable ways this is happening include heightened security systems, state-of-the-art security enhancements, more effective ways to monitor employees and better firewalls. Read more.

A Look at the Most Common (Yet Expensive) Injuries That Happen Every Day in the Workplace

Safety is the top priority at your company, but sometimes accidents happen. Of course, some accidents are more common than others — i.e., material handling and slips, trips and falls — so being aware of these and taking proper safety precautions is a must.

You want your team to stay safe and healthy because you care about them, but workplace injuries are also costly in other ways. Some of the direct costs include workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses and fees for legal services, but there’s also indirect costs to consider. Read more.

Four Improvements to Your Benefits Package That Can Influence a Candidate’s Decision to Work for You

The unemployment rate reached record lows in 2018, meaning it’s now a job seeker’s market. In the past, you might’ve been able to get away with a subpar benefits package, but now that candidates have their choice of employers, that won’t cut it anymore.

If top candidates keep passing on job offers from your company, your benefits package could be the issue. It’s time to step it up and offer better benefits, such as unlimited vacation days, retirement plan match, generous paid holidays and 100% paid health insurance premiums. Read more.

If you’re planning to hire high-level manufacturing or engineering talent in 2019, Premium Staffing, Inc. is here to guide your search. You pay nothing until you hire a candidate we recommend, so contact us today to build the best team your Chicago company has ever had!

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