You’re ready to move on from your current job. Maybe you no longer feel fulfilled or can’t stand your boss, but whatever the reason, you’ve decided to pursue new opportunities.

Getting a new job is a life-changing event, so it’s important to be fully prepared before embarking on your search. Here’s some advice to help you figure out where you’re headed.

Four Tips to Make Your Next Career Move the Right One

List Your Likes and Dislikes

You want your next job to your best yet, so really think about what you want from it. Looking back at things that brought you the most and least pleasure from both your current position and jobs past will help you get on the right track. For example, if you really enjoy giving presentations, look for a new job that involves public speaking.

Define Your Ideal Work Environment

Company culture can make or break your job satisfaction. In fact, it could be the reason you’ve decided to seek new opportunities.

Until you’re part of the team, you can never truly know what it’s like to work for an organization. However, understanding what you want from a work environment increases your odds of getting it right. For example, decide if you prefer being part of a highly collaborative team or one where most work is completed on a solo basis.

Create Goals for the Future

Aimlessly moving from one job to the next might pay the bills, but it doesn’t make for a rewarding career. Every new position you accept should get you one step closer to your dream job. To make this happen, map your ideal career path, so you know what types of jobs to target. This will allow you to move up the ladder, instead of continuously making lateral moves.

Take Your Time

If you’re willing to accept the first seemingly interesting job that appears on your radar, you can probably move on very quickly. However, finding the right fit for your skills, interests and future goals probably won’t happen overnight. Instead of rushing through the process, be patient and wait for the right opportunity to come your way.

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