Choosing the right engineer for the job is typically a very challenging and time-consuming process. You’ll likely receive a high volume of applications from seemingly qualified candidates, but there’s plenty of red flags to keep in mind.

Beyond the obvious screening criteria — i.e., resume gaps, showing up late to the job interview, and reference checks that don’t align — there are a few items that might slip your radar. For example, if certain standard engineering tools aren’t currently needed for the position at hand, you probably wouldn’t consider it a dealbreaker if candidates didn’t have them.

The thing is, having the interest and desire to learn how to use these tools directly speaks to the person’s passion for the work. Therefore, if a candidate doesn’t have the skills needed to use the tools below, move on to the next.

Four Tools Every Engineer Should Know How to Use


There’s plenty of computer-aided design tools on the market, but AutoCAD is the original for 2D and 3D modeling. This software can guide projects ranging from construction documentation to creating renderings for buildings. Since engineers are involved in every aspect of the building process, they need to know how to use it.


Used to provide simulation in the first design steps of products, Solidworks optimizes the design process. This user-friendly software gives engineers the ability to create products faster while lowering costs and enhancing quality. Bonus points if a candidate has at least one Solidworks certification.

Graphing Calculator

Engineers of a certain generation(s) relied heavily on a graphing calculator. While not as crucial to the field today as they once were, having at least basic abilities of the graphing calculator is still important. From quick calculations in the office to field sites, you never know when this tool will come in handy, so engineers still need to know how to use it.

3D Printing

Technology that is constantly evolving, 3D printing is on the rise. Engineers need to know how to use this tool, because it’s helpful in just about every area of the field. This incredible technology allows engineers to quickly test and amend their designs, thus speeding up the production process.

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