Temp employees are only with your company for a limited engagement, but during that time, they’re part of your team. You might not think it makes sense to invest your time and energy into getting to know them, but failing to do so is a major disservice to your organization. 

You can learn a lot from temp employees and get to know some really amazing people. Here’s four reasons why you should make a point to build relationships with them. 

Make Them Feel Valued

Their tenure with your team has an expiration date, but right now, your temporary employees are working on behalf of your company. If they don’t feel welcome and appreciated, both their productivity and quality of work will likely take a hit. When you invest time in them, they’ll reward you with their best efforts. 

Secure Your Next Great Hire

Hiring employees on a temporary basis gives you the opportunity to test drive them, before extending a permanent job offer. If you’re impressed, you can ask them to stay on at the end of their contract or reach out in the future when a position opens up. Of course, they won’t accept if they don’t want to continue on with your team, which is why building relationships is so important. When people are happy, they’re more likely to want to stay on board. 

Earn a Reputation as a Great Employer

News of poor treatment of temp employees travels fast. If you don’t bother getting to know your temps, your reputation will eventually take a hit. This will cause the best and brightest people to decline placements at your company. Recruiters may even steer clear of you, because they don’t want to place talent somewhere they’ll feel alienated. 

Gain Valuable Feedback

As newcomers, temps can offer a fresh prospective to help your team solve problems and become more efficient. If you build a report with them, they’ll feel more comfortable sharing thoughts on topics like processes that could be eliminated or tightened up. Often times the rest of your team — especially long-time employees  are too close to inefficiencies to detect their presence. 

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