You take care to hire talented employees with a strong work ethic, but lately, you’ve been feeling like they aren’t realizing their potential. This would probably be a lot easier to figure out if it was just one or two people, but the drop in productivity has been a team effort. 

The lighting in your warehouse probably isn’t among the first culprits that came to mind, but it might be to blame. If the space is dimly lit or megawatt bright, it could be hindering efficiency. Here’s a look at a how improper lighting can negatively impact your team. 

3 Ways Bad Lighting Affects Warehouse Productivity

Temperature Fluctuations

The thermostat isn’t the only thing regulating the temperature of your warehouse — lighting can also have a huge impact. If your warehouse is lit by bright florescent bulbs, it could be heating the building up. Working in a blanket of warm air can cause employees to become tired and sluggish, thus decreasing productivity. On the other hand, dim LED bulbs can really cool the building down. This can make the temperature unpleasantly chilly and difficult to work in.  

Decreased Visibility

Poor lighting can make it hard for employees to see what they’re doing. First and foremost, it’s a safety hazard, but it also slows down production. People can’t be expected to complete work in a timely manner when they don’t have enough light to properly do their jobs. 

Beyond that, working in a low visibility setting can cause health issues such as eye strain and headaches. If employees are still able to work under these conditions, it won’t be at 100% capacity. This will likely lead to an uptick in absences if it becomes a chronic issue, causing an even greater decline in productivity. 

Low Morale

Employees spend their entire shift working under your warehouse lights. If they feel uncomfortable from roasting under bright lights or straining to see in a dimly lit setting, they’re going to become frustrated. Job satisfaction levels will plummet if this becomes a regular occurrence. Unhappy employees aren’t known for their outstanding work ethic, so productivity will take a hit. 

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