Software engineer recruitment isn’t easy, but that’s certainly not the only challenging aspect of being a manager. As the boss, it’s your job to unite a group of people who likely have very unique personalities.

Managing a diverse group of people can be tricky, but if you help them see their differences as something positive, the results can be amazing. Here’s some advice to help bring your team together.

Four Ways to Manage Employees With Different Personalities

Find Common Ground

No doubt about it, your employees have unique dispositions. People have their own ways of doing things — and that’s okay. However, they need to remember they’re on the same team, and they have to work together. Help them get on the same page by setting team goals they can work toward as a group. This will help them see one another as allies, instead of adversaries.

Request Feedback — and Really Listen

Being a manager doesn’t come with an instruction manual. It’s only natural that some personality types will be harder for you to connect with than others. Make sure you’re giving equal support to everyone by checking in with employees to find out where there’s room for improvement. Take their feedback to heart and use it to make meaningful changes. This will make them feel valued and help you better understand everyone.

Help Employees Resolve Conflict Quickly

Clashes happen when employees work closely together — especially when people have very different personalities. There’s no need to immediately jump in and start mediating, but keep a close watch on the situation. If employees don’t resolve their issues quickly, step in and help them make peace. Ongoing hostility can lead to deeper problems that are harder to resolve and place a heavy weight on the entire team.

Make Differences a Good Thing

At first glance, a team with a variety of personality types might seem like a disaster waiting to happen, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A variety of personas means each person has something amazing to bring to the team. Unite your employees by highlighting the outstanding qualities each person has to offer. This will help them see the best in their peers.

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