In business, things change at rapid pace. Sometimes you need to adjust your company policies to keep pace with the current environment. Of course, for the change to be effective, you need your entire team to actually follow it. The success rate lies in your hands, because staffer buy-in is all about how you introduce and enforce the rule.

Premium Staffing, Inc. — one of the top staffing agencies in Chicago — shares tips to help get your employees onboard with a new policy.

Explain Its Purpose

It’s hard for people to follow a rule they don’t understand, so highlight the need for the new policy. Describe what led you to create the new rule and the added benefits it will bring to both the company and employees. Providing a little context will make the change sit better.

Set the Ground Rules

You can’t expect your team to follow the rules if they’re not clearly stated. Declare exactly what you want them to do — and not do — so everyone is on the same page. Your employees aren’t mind-readers, so don’t leave any room for misinterpretation.

Make it Easily Accessible

Acclimating to a new policy takes time, so make sure it’s written down for people to reference. Give each person a copy and make it available on your intranet. If instructions are only given verbally, people will forget what you said and the new policy will take on several — incorrect —forms.

Require All Employees to Comply

No one respects a policy that applies to some employees and not others. It’s not fair to enforce the rules on certain people, but allow others to slide. As the boss, you need to keep a close watch your team and reprimand those who choose not to follow the rules.

Lead by Example

As noted above, for the new policy to be effective, everyone needs to adhere to it — including you. For example, if your new rule requires everyone to be in the office at 8 a.m. sharp each morning, you better be there on-time as well. Your team looks to you for guidance, so if you don’t follow the rules, they won’t see the need either.

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